Artist Statement

"Today, we don't have plans" Solo Exhibition at Anita Traverso Gallery, Melbourne - 2008

I want to tell you about these paintings I’ve been doing. They’re different from my last series, but in many ways they’re quite similar.

I’ve been working on plywood and small canvas boards, using oil paint. The works are based on photos of the landscape I took in the South Island of New Zealand and northern New South Wales this year. I’ve been painting some works in an abstracted manner, and others lean more towards realism.

Last year, for the Natural Instincts show, I had to rely on my memory and imagination to transcribe the impressions of colours, forms and textures I’d gathered from being in the bush. This year, I’m working from actual images of the landscape where those formal considerations of composition are already laid out.

In New Zealand I was mesmerised and often stopped to take photos of the different landscapes. I noticed the foreground, mid-ground and background in the landscape were quite separate and distinct. Whereas, in Australia, I think the bush can seem like it’s right in you’re face; there’s seldom space to get a clear view.

In these latest works I’ve wiped, built up, subtracted, omitted, smeared and blurred the paintings – creating my own interpretations of the photos. While doing this, I’ve been thinking about how my style swings from abstraction to realism. Regardless of whether I’m working from internal or external sources, the paintings end up being my personal interpretations of nature and the landscape.


"Today, we don't have plans"

exhibition installed at Anita Traverso Gallery


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